“I have utilized MRS during the past year, and I strongly endorse their medical billing services. I have found that during this past year, I have been able to dedicate more time to my patients than to insurance companies because MRS solves the complicated maze of medical billing! Because of MRS, my dependency upon office managers and secretaries has greatly diminished! The folks at this family-run business are user-friendly, always pick up the phone, and complete their tasks in a timely fashion. Your practice will be better served with MRS! Use them!”

-John D. Capobianco, DO, FAAO (Client Since 2003)

“Blessed are those that work unceasingly for reimbursement so our patients can receive osteopathic Treatment. Medical Reimbursement Services (MRS) has been an absolute GODSEND! It was “meant to be” that I was forced, by a typical office staff nightmare, most doctors eventually become aware of, sooner or later, to begin with, MRS about a year and a half ago. They did what they said they would – became significantly and consistently successful in collecting on claims, co-pays, and insurance deductibles, in a way that an office manager, for many reasons, COULD NEVER DO. More importantly, my stress level decreased dramatically overnight since I could FINALLY focus ALL my energies on further study and treating people instead of economics. Burnt out no longer, I finally understood why Dr. Still himself distanced himself from the monetary aspect of medicine, trusting a capable outside agency, to the great benefit of osteopathy for his patients, as well as the entire profession. These days, HIPPA, Medicare, and major medical insurance regulations increasingly require constant, expert scrutiny and policy updating and review. Effective contacts requiring hours of phone work to obtain payments on claims are mandatory. These friendly people will do this, and MORE, working hard for you: Do not hesitate to hire this family-operated, ethical and experienced company. In twenty years, I have never been able to find anyone that had anywhere near as many experiences IN OBTAINING PAYMENT FOR OMT, IN ADDITION TO OFFICE VISITS. I am continually amazed at what they can do. I only wish I had this guidance presented to me when and the way it is being presented to you!!!”

-Anthony Capobianco, D.O (Client Since 2001)

“I have a practice of 100% Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine in which I work with Medicare and out-of-network commercial insurance. After many years of “going it alone,” I hired Medical Reimbursement Services in Bellmore, NY. I have found they…

1) Have a comprehensive understanding of traditional Osteopathic practices and procedures. I believe to be unique in the medical billing industry.
2) Have detailed knowledge of how various insurance companies reimburse for Osteopathic services.
3) Provided instruction to assure that my charting and coding are in compliance with current medical guidelines.
4) Work in a timely fashion and are always accessible and enthusiastic to provide assistance.
5) Resolve all challenges with insurance companies.
6) Have endeavored with great energy to ensure I have been fully reimbursed for every visit.

Through their efforts, I am finally being paid for all the medical procedures I have been providing patients over the years without having to consume my time and energy, and that of my staff, dealing with insurance companies. Now I can devote myself to my patient’s care and leave the billing in very capable hands.

I enthusiastically recommend using Medical Reimbursement Services!”

-Wesley Beth Reiss, D.O (Client Since 2003)

“MRS handles all of the billing and collections activities for my medical practice, which specializes in Osteopathy. We are completely satisfied with the quality and effectiveness of their work. In particular, I have found them to be extremely diligent and committed in their approach. Furthermore, they are very pleasant to work with and very receptive to new ideas and client input. Their scope of knowledge is most impressive and enables their organization to turn over receivables successfully and expeditiously.”

-Yasha Magyar, D.O (Client Since 2015)

“I have been using MRS for all of my billing services since 2001. Tracey and her staff provide outstanding service and are always available to answer any questions I may have. MRS works diligently following up on all current and outstanding bills and staying current with any changes in billing codes, etc. I highly recommend their services for any health care provider billing.”

-David Colarusso, D.C. – NY (Client Since 2004)