At Medical Reimbursement Services of Long Island, one of our areas of expertise is medical reimbursement. Medical reimbursement describes the payment that a healthcare facility receives for providing a medical service. In many cases, a patient’s health insurance or government payers cover part of or all of their healthcare costs. Depending on the plan, a patient may be responsible for some of the costs. Without insurance, patients are responsible for reimbursing their healthcare providers for the entire cost of their service. At MRSLI, our experienced and qualified team can handle every aspect of your medical reimbursement needs so that you and your staff can focus on patient care. 

Benefits of Hiring a Reimbursement Specialist

Our medical reimbursement specialists work with billing and insurance companies to determine the method of payment for patients. Our medical reimbursement specialists will also handle administrative duties like managing medical and financial records and transcribing medical reports. Some of the benefits of working with MRSLI include:

  • Certified experience – Our team is continuously updated with knowledge regarding all medical billing codes, including Medicare and Workers’ Compensation regulations. 
  • Reduced errors – Our reimbursement experts can ensure accuracy and timely submissions so that your practice quickly receives payment for services rendered. 
  • Streamlined administrative process – The back and front end of the office have different priorities, and when critical information is miscommunicated or not shared, it can result in claim denials. Our team will focus on the front-end administrative tasks to expedite claims and assist patients in understanding their coverage options. 

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At Medical Reimbursement Services of Long Island, our team can assist you with all your medical billing, coding, and reimbursement needs. Working with our dedicated team of experts allows you to concentrate on your patients. Contact us today to learn more about our practice management solutions and let MRSLI help your practice increase efficiency, reduce costs, and increase revenue.