At Medical Reimbursement Services of Long Island, we specialize in all aspects of medical billing and coding. While billing and coding are separate processes, both are critical for your practice to receive payment for your healthcare services. Unlike other businesses in this industry, MRSLI is owner-operated, so you can be sure that our owners are on-site and involved in daily business operations. If you want to dedicate more of your time to patient care and satisfaction instead of dealing with coding collections and other administrative tasks, contact MRSLI today. 

What is Medical Coding?

Medical coding is a process that involves extracting billable information from medical records and clinical documentation. Medical billing then uses those codes to create bills and insurance claims for patients. Coding and medical billing intersect with making these claims to form the structure of the healthcare revenue cycle. Medical coding starts with a patient encounter. When the patient meeting occurs, healthcare providers detail the nature of their visit or service in their medical record and explain why they provided their services. Complete and accurate clinical documentation during a patient encounter is crucial for medical coding. Clinical documentation is used to justify reimbursements when a conflict with a claim arises. If a medical service is not documented in the medical record by healthcare staff, their organization could experience a claim denial or a write-off. Healthcare providers may also be subject to a liability investigation or healthcare fraud if they try to bill patients and payers for services that were missing or incorrectly documented in the medical record. Once a patient is discharged from a healthcare facility, a medical coder reviews and analyzes the clinical documentation to connect services with codes related to diagnosis, procedure, charge, and facility code. 

Benefits of Hiring A Medical Coding Company

Having an experienced medical coder on your side can help your practice navigate the complex system of regulatory requirements in healthcare. At MRSLI, our detail-oriented and compliance-driven team will serve as a financial backbone for your practice, ensuring that all your services rendered are properly paid for. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Improved clinical documentation to help doctors capture the patient’s condition. 
  • Coding accuracy translates to proper reimbursement. 
  • Crucial denial management strategies. 
  • Audits to target high-risk areas.

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There are several benefits to working with our skilled team at Medical Reimbursement Services of Long Island. We work closely with practices and offer practice management solutions to fit the unique needs of your practice. Contact our team today to learn more about medical coding.