At Medical Reimbursement Services (MRS) of Long Island, we have over twenty-six years of experience in medical billing for practices throughout the community. Our comprehensive medical billing services will increase the efficiency of daily operations at your practice, and reduce your business spending by reducing billing and payroll staff, ultimately increasing business revenue. 

What is Medical Billing?

Medical billing is a payment process that involves submitting and following up on health insurance claims on behalf of a patient to various insurance payers. The purpose of this process is to acquire payment for any services provided at a medical facility. A medical biller in a healthcare facility is responsible for keeping track of the claim to ensure that the practice receives reimbursement for its services. Hiring a knowledgeable medical billing company can potentially optimize revenue performance for a practice. 

Benefits of Hiring MRS 

As a dedicated and busy healthcare professional, your primary focus should be on patient care, not billing, insurance claims, and follow-ups. For these reasons, hiring MRS may be suitable for your practice. Here are some of the benefits you can experience when hiring MRS for medical billing services:

  • MRS saves you money and time – Accurate medical billing takes significant time and effort. Enlisting the help of MRS can reduce your practice’s need for hiring staff for in-house billing and collections services. 
  • Operations are more organized and efficient – Hiring a professional medical billing company is an efficient way to manage all billing services, payment tracking, financial reports, and revenue reports. Your billing process will become seamless and lead to improved communication throughout your office. 
  • Increased revenue – Our organized records and reports allow us to submit claims quickly, which leads to faster and more efficient payments. 
  • Reduced billing errors – Our expert medical billers ensure accuracy and timely submission, resulting in reduced billing errors. 
  • Improved employee and patient satisfaction – Outsourcing your medical billing and administrative tasks allow you to focus on what’s most important – your patients. Patient satisfaction increases when the quality of care escalates. Errors will also be reduced, leading to a vast improvement in employee morale. 

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You can expect several benefits when you work with the professionals at Medical Reimbursement Services of Long Island. We work with practices across Long Island and offer practice management solutions to fit the unique needs of your practice. Contact our team today to learn more about medical billing.